Kep Pepper

Kep Pepper

It is a matter of taste


How Kep Pepper gets produced

The production of our Kep Pepper starts with the seeding on the farm. When the first plants sprout, they get maintained from a young age until the harvestable stage. As far as possible, we do not use chemicals and pesticides because we strive to make our products as natural as possible.

After the pepper got harvested, it undergoes a first selection according to size and shape. Subsequently, it is dried in the sun naturally for days to weeks. When the drying process got completed, we select the pepper again in the quality levels from 1 to 3.

We from Kep Pepper choose only quality grade 1 for the distribution of our product. The other quality levels are sold mostly on local markets for direct processing in the dishes offered there.

Pepper selection by hand
Pepper drying in the sun

The pepper is always packed fresh and has a storage life of up to 3 years in our climate-neutral packaging. The production of the Kep pepper is in terms of minimal use of pesticides and the drying process in the sun – extremely sustainable and climate neutral.