Kep Pepper

Kep Pepper

It is a matter of taste

High-quality pepper from the farm in Kep directly delivered to your home

Unique in taste

Cook like a pro with Kep Pepper


50g package – 4.50 $

Fast delivery anywhere in Cambodia.
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Kep pepper 50g package

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Pepper drying process

Only local farmers operate the pepper fields under good working conditions. In addition, all legal regulations for certified pepper cultivation comply. Strict rules and standards apply here, which get checked at regular intervals by the local Cambodian authorities. We supervise the pepper cultivation from the beginning and accompany the breeding, the harvest, and the selection and fill up the pepper independently in our small factory in Kep.

About us

We are a local distributor of Kep pepper. Our goal is to market the locally valuable raw material in its full quality locally and internationally.

Here, the support of the local population is in the foreground. Thus, 5% of the sales proceeds go to the Kep Garden Association School (a local school, which since 2007 sees the education of Cambodian children as your highest goal).

Pepper plants